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WinAct- Grundtvig Training courses. Parties and trade unions in many EU countries show a growing awareness that it would be important to recruit more immigrants as active members. Officials in these organisations often do not know how to approach immigrants adequately and how to motivate them for long-term membership and collaboration in the organisation. WinAct addresses these demands. The project aims at promoting active membership of immigrants in political parties and trade unions in Europe. To realise this objective, it develops training programmes for professionals in adult education in Europe for 2008. WinAct builds on results of POLITIS. (contact WinActFlyer Website Winact.

PLATON+ is an EU-funded initiative aiming to increase awareness of European research in Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities (SSH) and popularise relative research results in technological oriented research areas. A wide range of activities (such as policy-oriented publications, policy dialogue meetings, international conferences, training courses, etc) will be developed in order to further demonstrate the value of socio-economic research and assist researchers from other disciplines understand which socio-economic issues are most important for them and how they can benefit from them. Contact Dimitris Papageorgiou papageorgiou(Klammeraffe)

Migration Island This is a blog by Dr. Katia Amore who is the country expert for Malta in the POLITIS project. You will find a report on her experience as country expert on this site, and many other migration related topics that she seeks to exchange ideas about.

EUROREG Changing interests and identities in European border regions: EU policies, ethnic minorities and socio-political transformation in member states and accession countries.
Project funded by the European Commission Research DG, Sixth Framework Programme, Thematic Priority 7, 2004-2007 EUROREG studies the links between European economic integration and ethnic minority mobilisation. It explores the effects of European integration on territorially concentrated ethnic minorities and their politics, as well as on their relations with national majorities and the state.
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NATAC - The acquisition of nationality in EU Member States: rules, practices and quantitative developments.
The project  will provide a comprehensive comparison of rules regulating the acquisition and loss of nationality in the pre last round of accessions EU Member States.[Staat]=id&id%5BStaat%5D=34

EURONAT - Representations of Europe and the Nation in Current and Prospective Member-States: Media, Elites and Civil Society
This project studied European and national identities and the connections between them in nine European states (six EU member states and three associated states in Central and Eastern Europe) from an interdisciplinary and comparative perspective. A major finding: European and national identities are compatible.