Interdisziplinäres Zentrum für Bildung und Kommunikation in Migrationsprozessen


The project consists of a small core consortium, linked with a high number of partners:

  • the core consortium with three research partners (University of Oldenburg, ELIAMEP, European University Institute) and one NGO partner (Churches’ Commission of Migrants in Europe)
  • a network of 35 experts for all 25 EU states, mainly involved in reviewing research in their countries
  • a network of more than 70 international student partners, participating in two summer schools, in interviewing and analysis
  • a group of students at the University of Oldenburg, involved in the analysis of the perceptions of Europe and production of a video-film
  • more than 150 active immigrants from 25 countries, who are interviewed by international student partners

The foto shows team and participants of the second summer school, including core researchers, country experts and international student partners.